Letters and Sounds

We are pleased to announce online phonics lessons are available from Letters and Sounds for home and school.

Written and presented by phonics experts and funded by the Department for Education, the online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school. This resource is for use by teachers and parents who will find planning and teaching phonics challenging when schools are closed due to Covid-19.

Three sets of lessons will be available. One set for Reception and one for Year 1, based on where children are expected to be in their learning in the Spring term. A third set of lessons aims to reach the lowest 20% of children; focussing on areas children find the most challenging. A guidance film for parents to explain the basics of Phonics and how parents can support their child is also available.
A new lesson will be uploaded Monday to Friday during the Spring term.

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To support schools in keeping children safe online, DfE have provided safeguarding GUIDANCE.

We hope you will find these resources a useful addition to support your school and parents during this unprecedented time.